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Green Viro!
Lets build a sustainable planet
for the generations to come

Did you know

Did you know in about 70 years there will be

no rainforests!


Several million tonnes of farm waste is burnt each day.

Waste can be turned
into fuel

Burning farm waste, cutting down
useful trees for coal is leading to 

accelerated climate change

About us

About GreenViro

GreenViro was conceptualized with a vision to ‘Save the Earth’ in many ways including cutting down on deforestation, using agro-waste to produce, and more.

It's very simple - so much farm, especially coconut farm waste gets burnt everyday, at the same time we see trees being cut for making fire including cooking and barbecues.


So here we are ’GreenVIRO' 
making it eco-nomical and eco-friendly!

Green Fuel

Green Charcoal as Green Fuel

The global wood charcoal briquettes market has surpassed $28 billion a year! While we look at large numbers, often we ignore the thousands of acres of trees that are cut down every year to make way for charcoal. 


GreenViro started with a humble idea to contribute back to mother earth. We chose to recycle tonnes of farm waste from acres of Coconut farms in the south of India into useful charcoal. Our innovative process produces charcoal that is 3 times more energy efficient, and emits less carbon-di-oxide. 


Usage of our product on scale, will lead to significant reduction in the needs to cut pristine forests for the purposes of making charcoal.

The product solves 2 key objectives - makes lives easier for the farmers in managing farm waste, and provide a guilt free and superior barbecue experience to the general public at large.

Wish to join the Green Revolution?

Welcome to the Responsible Revolution!

Why Gviro

Why GreenViro?

We have traditionally been farmers for generations. We are a pioneer is organic and chemical free coconut farming with operations in south India and clients across the world.

We have developed a co-operative of similar like minded and nature loving farmers who adopt benign cultivation practices.

Our charcoal is one step towards our goal to provide sustainable solutions to common problems leveraging our deep roots in farming and the bond we have with mother nature.

Our product let’s you enjoy a superior cooking experience whilst being gentle on nature.



No.22, 1st Floor, Sri Dhanalakshmi Nagar, Masakkalipalayam, Upplipalayam Post, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Wait to hear from us soon!

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